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How to Shoot Backlit Portraits on OPPO R17 Pro


How to shoot backlit portraits on OPPO R17 Pro


If you're a selfie pro, you'll already know the wonders of backlighting for pleasing portraits. While a backlit glow can make you appear radiant, this usually comes at the cost of detail. Backlit selfies can look washed out and blurry even at high resolution – until now.


With the 25 megapixel AI Beauty Camera on the OPPO R17 Pro, you can take perfect backlight shots every time in crisp detail. OPPO's flagship camera phone uses custom Sensor-HDR technology to capture clear selfies in all light levels.


How to take a backlit photo


The OPPO R17 Pro's AI-enhanced camera makes snapping the perfect photo a breeze. When you know what modes to use, you can take a photo against a bright background with no loss of detail and accurate colours.


Here's how to take a clear backlit portrait on OPPO R17 Pro running ColorOS 5.2.


1. Open the Camera app


2. If you need to switch to the front-facing camera, tap the icon in the lower right of the screen


3. Turn on HDR (high dynamic range) to combine multiple exposures into one image


4. Turn on Dazzle Color or Super Vivid mode to enhance colours


5. Turn on Beauty Mode and select a beauty level to enhance facial features, skin tone and more


6. Position yourself or your subject in front of a window facing the sun


7. Find the angle you like and tilt the phone slightly


8. Apply optional Filters or Stickers to enhance the image


9. Use Expert Mode if you want to adjust exposure, white balance and more advanced settings


10. Tap the shutter button to capture the photo


Shoot in all light conditions


Whether you're taking a selfie against a bright background, shooting in natural daylight or taking night shots, the R17 Pro's triple rear lenses and AI-enhanced camera modes mean you'll be ready for anything. Smart apertures adjust automatically to control light with precision and give you the best results.


If you're shooting in low light or at night, switch to the rear camera where OPPO's AI Ultra-clear Engine and Ultra Night Mode maximise the available light while avoiding glare. OIS optical stabilisation technology means you won't have to worry about holding still to capture that perfect night shot.


Bring out your natural beauty


The OPPO R17 Pro's AI Beauty Camera has a range of filter options that can be customised to bring out your best features. These include face slimming, makeup and six more beauty levels with live previews showing you exactly what the finished product will look like. Beautification settings are also available in selfie video recording at 1080p with image stabilisation.


The more you use your camera phone, the more it learns about what you like and can recommend your ideal settings automatically as your personal beauty consultant. To add fun to your photos, OPPO's ColorOS 5.2 operating system has also introduced new AR stickers including O-mojis that mimic your facial movements and capture your expressions in animated characters.


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