OPPO VOOC Car Charger
Crafted to drive with you on every road

The VOOC Car Charger has been crafted from a single piece of aliminium, with 26 different steps of refinement and features a luxury design shape, elegant black and champagne help maintain an exclusive feeling.

Simple to follow, the standby state is white, and once your phone is placed on charging status, blue. Plug in and go!

OPPO VOOC Car Charger    4x Charging Speed
OPPO VOOC Car Charger
4x Charging Speed

Four times faster than anything you've ever had!

OPPO VOOC Car Charger  30 Minutes to 75% Charge
30 Minutes to 75% Charge

The high-current output and speed is perfect for OPPO devices* with just a 30-minute charge restoring 75% of their battery life, while 70 minutes of charging allows them to be fully charged. VOOC technology is four times faster than the average industry standard charger.

Flash mode applies only for OPPO Find 7, N3 and R5 at the moment,

OPPO VOOC Car Charger  Travel With Ease
Travel With Ease

Built-in adapter with double safety standards of overload protection and flash charging condition identification protection will intelligently switch between charge modes, to make you enjoy flash charging speed without any worries. What's more, the power consumption of Standby state is minimal. Your car is in good hands.

After serious testing, the VOOC Car Charger can be used in case of plug in-and-out once a day for ten years. It is also suitable for most digital devices, such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, GPS and so on, which makes it practical and durable.

OPPO VOOC Car Charger

Positive Pole

Negative Pole

Signal Light

Output Port

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Color White, Black
Applicable Devices Smartphones and tablets
*Flash mode is only compatible with devices that contain OPPO's VOOC Flash Charge technology.
Input 12V/24V 2.5A
Output Flash Mode: 3.4V/5V 3.5A
Standard Mode: 5V 2A