OPPO MIX Bluetooth Headset
The Ultimate MIX
Of Business And Pleasure

An inspiring concept of MIX design that combines earphones with power bank technology helps this incredible piece of equipment take your Bluetooth experience to a whole new world.

OPPO MIX Bluetooth Headset
Two Becomes One

Let’s face it, common Bluetooth earphones are easy to lose because of often inconvenient storage. MIX changes the game with the ability to store the Bluetooth earphone into the base case of the power bank.

OPPO MIX Bluetooth Headset
OPPO MIX Bluetooth Headset
Charged to Perfection

With serious charge allowing up to 120 hours of uninterrupted talk time and 150 days on standby, your device won’t be the only thing receiving a whole new lease of life; your conversations will too.

OPPO MIX Bluetooth Headset
The Perfect Fit

It certainly is hard to find that perfect fit, and more so when it's right on the side of your head. So the brilliant thing about this bluetooth headset is the fact that it's been designed to be both comfortable and steady in your ear.

OPPO MIX Bluetooth Headset
Switch It Up

Bluetooth 4.0. allows you to connect with two phones at the same time, listen to music and talk.

Color White,Black
Applicable Devices Smartphones and tablets