• What should I do if my phone does not switch on but keeps switching off on its own?

    Please check the possible reason and trouble shooting steps below to resolve your issue:

    1. Fully charge the battery according to the instructions listed in the user guide;

    2. Remove and re-insert the battery according to the instructions listed in the user guide (For phones with removable battery);

    3. Check that if you are using an original battery and charger compatible with your phone model (You can find compatibility information in your user guide);

    4. If you have access to another battery and charger of the same type as yours, try substituting them to determine if the issue is on the phone, the battery, or the charger;

    5. Make sure your device is running the latest software, please update it if not.

  • How can I prolong my battery life on my mobile phone?

    Use the following guidelines to increase your battery life:

    1. Turn Bluetooth off when you do not need it;

    2. Please turn off scanning, disable Show WLAN availability in Wireless LAN settings when you are not using Wi-Fi;

    3. The brightness of the screen may affect the standby time of battery power. In the display settings, you can change the time-out (sleep) time, and adjust the brightness to auto;

    4. Leaving applications running in the background increases the consumption of battery power, please close the application you do not use;

    5. Please turn off vibrate function of your mobile phone, and just use the ring tone to prolong the battery life;

    6. Please try not to leave apps, pictures, video playing under background. 

    If the battery drains fast even though there is no features consuming the power, the battery may be wearing out and you need to replace it with a new one.

  • What should I do if my phone is always too hot?

    It is normal that the smartphone device gets hot when playing videos or games on it or charging it because there are a lot of apps running in the background, however, we can prevent it from getting too hot if we follow the instructions below:

    1. Turn off the function and apps seldom used such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS etc.;

    2. Turn down the brightness of the screen and reduce the screen sleep time;

    3. Turn off the apps running in the background periodically and clear cache periodically to keep enough running space all the time;

    4. Uninstall abnormal apps with bugs which may cause much heat during running;

    5. Try not to use phone during charging unless necessary.

  • What should I do if the phone auto powers off and on or reboots?

    Please check the possible reason and trouble shooting steps below to solve your issue:

    1. The phone is powered off automatically due to low battery; please charge the phone when you see the low battery reminder;

    2.Bad contact of phone battery, please reload the battery and make sure that the battery has good contact with the phone;

    3. The automatic power-on/off function is turned on via phone settings, please uninstall or update the corresponding applications;

    4. There are too many running applications, which cause reboot due to low memory, please terminate unused applications to ensure sufficient memory for phone operation;

    5. The phone is under high load for a long time, which causes power-off due to overheat self-protection, please make sure the phone is running under allowed temperature range;

    6. Loose SIM card or bad contact between SIM card and phone, please reinstall the SIM card and ensure good contact with the phone.

  • What should I do if I cannot connect to LTE?

    Please follow the trouble shooting steps below to solve your issue:

    1. Restart your phone;

    2. Make sure the mobile data is already enabled: please go to settings -- Mobile networks --Enable data;

    3. Update your system to the latest version: please go to settings--About phone--System updates;

    4. Contact the local operator and check the coverage of LTE network.