Warranty Terms

I. Service Terms

Thank you for choosing OPPO. We will provide our product with comprehensive warranty services in accordance with applicable national laws and regulations. In case of any conflict between the following policies and the National Policies, or Commissions, the national policies shall prevail.


1. within 12 months from the purchasing date, if any performance fault listed in the “Performance Failure Table" in accordance with the table’s name mentioned below. Occurs on your device, consumer can claim for maintenance. The accessories such as charger, data cable, headset and battery (including internal battery) have a 6-month warranty.

2. Please be sure to fill in your mobile phone warranty card in a complete, correct and truthful manner, ask the dealer to issue an invoice and keep it in a safe place.

3. Valid purchase invoice: the invoice shall indicate the serial number of the mobile phone, factory serial number (batch number) of the accessories (battery and charger), product model, sales date and Seller’s seal, amount and so on.

4. A valid warranty card and invoice are essential for protecting your warranty rights. (Valid warranty card and invoice: the information filled in shall be complete, true and correct without alteration). If you lose the valid invoice and warranty card and unable to provide us with a photocopy of them, we will provide your mobile phone with a 12-month warranty service beginning from the 90th day after the manufacturing date of your mobile phone.

5. Our warranty does not cover the other accessories for the product (such as the user manual, warranty card, etc).

Note: T The warranty above is only valid for the products sold in Pakistan. OPPO Mobile Pakistan PTY Ltd (the Company) reserves the power of final review and interpretation for the warranty policy.


II. Warranty Instructions and Conditions

1. Your warranty is only valid under normal use of your device. All man-made damages and any of the following conditions are out of free warranty, but a repair can be still implemented at your own cost:

A. The warranty period has expired;

B. Damage caused by human factors, including damages caused by usage under improper operating environment or not sticking to the user manual;

C. The customer disassembles repairs or modifies the device without the Company's authorization or has it repaired at a repair shop that is not included in the Company's approved repair network;

D. Damage caused by a force majeure (such as floods, fires, earthquakes and lighting);

E. The user is unable to provide the warranty card and valid proof of purchase or the product model and barcode do not match or are altered;

F. Natural wear and tear of the product (such as casing, keypad, display screen, antenna and other accessories);

G. Faults, damages or defects not caused by the company;

H. Barcode and warranty labels are damaged and unrecognizable.


2. Others

A. External damage (including wear, tear, and scratches) are not entitled to the warranty service;

B. Faults caused by the Internet and wireless information service providers (operators) are not covered by the warranty;

C. Our warranty does not cover services verbally promised by the dealer which the warranty violates principles set forth on the warranty card. For products that meet the replacement requirements, you can go to our nearest approved warranty service canter for replacement. Upon replacement, if the device is faulty, we can replace it with a device of the same specification and model; if any accessory is faulty, the faulty accessory will be replaced. Both replacements are free of charge.

3. If any of our products is required to be fixed, you may take it to any warranty shop in our national warranty network;

4. If the product requires repair since water enters the device or it is seriously damaged by human factors, the customer needs to sign the repair agreement form with the OPPO Customer Service Centre firstly;

5. All components, parts and accessories replaced during the warranty period shall become the property of the Company.


III. Considerations for Sending the Device for Repair and Collecting It

1. When completing the OPPO Mobile Phone Repair Form, the customer must fill in valid information in clear handwriting as required (name, address, phone number and fault symptoms);

2. Before sending your device for repair, please back up all information and data you have saved on the mobile phone (such as phone numbers, text messages and pictures) before you delete them to prevent loss or damage during the testing and inspection processes. In any circumstances, OPPO Customer Service Centre and its staff will not be responsible or obligated to back up or recover your information and data, or accept responsibility for any consequence arising from the loss, damage or leakage of your information and data. Please ensure the legality of the information and data you have saved. To respect your privacy, we will not transmit, backup or examine your information and data (unless they are necessary for us to provide you with services), and we reserve the right to refuse to provide services for illegal content;

3. The Customer shall collect the mobile phone by presenting the OPPO Mobile Phone Repair Form. In case the Customer loses the Customer Copy, the Customer shall go through the loss reporting procedures with his/her personal ID or valid proof of identity before collecting the mobile phone.

Performance Failure Table


Performance failure






Failure of functions listed in the user manual

No display / typos / drain plan

Can not boot / can not login or   communicate

No vibration

Dial error

Accidental shutdown

Poor SIM card contact

Button control failure

No sound in one direction or abnormal volume



Casing breakage due to structural or material factors; does not work or unable to work normally; unable to charge normally using the designated charger


The phone is still unable to work normally after charging, and the judgment criteria is that the battery capacity is no less than 80%

External wired   headset

Unable to make/receive calls normally


Except failure caused by networks