Warranty Terms

The OPPO warranty policies vary from different countries/territories/purchase channels. Please refer to the list below for the general information on warranty conditions of your device. In case of any conflicts or discrepancies between the following information and the policies in regard to your country/territory/purchase channel, the corresponding policy of your device shall prevail.


I. Some common warranty performance failures are listed as follows for your reference:


Performance Failure


Screen issue (no display or unable to   recognize touch)

Unable to boot, fail to boot

Nonfunctional vibration

Dialing error

Abnormal shut-down

Poor SIM card placement

Button issue (loose button, fell off, nonfunctional,   etc)

Microphone and speaker dysfunction

No sound/no sound in one direction or   abnormal volume


Casing breakage due to structural or   material factors; does not work or unable to work normally; unable to charge   normally using the designated charger

External   wired earphones

Unable to receive/send voice

* Except for faults caused by the network.


II. General warranty instructions and conditions

1. Your warranty is only valid under normal use of your device. All man-made damages and any of the following conditions are out of free warranty, but a repair can be still implemented at your own cost:

(a) The warranty period has expired;

(b) Damage caused by human factors, including damages caused by usage under improper operating environment and the failure to follow the user manual;

(c) Disassemble, repair, modify the device by yourself without Company’s permission or repair the device in other service center not authorized by the company;

(d) Damage caused by force majeure;

(e) The user is unable to provide the warranty card and valid proof of purchase or the product model and the barcode does not match or are altered;

(f) Natural wear and tear of the product (for instance: casing, keypad, display, antenna, accessories and otheraccessories);

(g) Faults, defect or defects not caused by the company;

(h) Barcode and warranty labels are damaged and unrecognizable.


2. Others

(a) Faults caused by network and wireless information service providers (operators) are not covered by the warranty;

(b) Our warranty does not cover services verbally promised by the dealer that violate principles set forth on the warranty card.